In order to realize the processing need, this laser device has used the imported accuracy mechanical system and the high performance control system which constitute complete machine. This equipment operation is steady, precise and easy to handle, the friendly man-machine conversation contact surface may realize the high quality processing effect for various trades and occupations.

applicable Industry

Special used for the industries such as: advertising, print and packing, decoration, craft, gift .And also for garment, leather, textile, electron…

Applicable Materials
Widely applied for almost all the non-metal materials: Wood, acrylic, plastic, Plexiglas, rubber, cardboard foam, leather, fabric, curtain, carpet, synthetic material, etc


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MODEL Laser Power Laser Type The maximum cutting thickness and speed
(Thickness mm/Speed min/Auxiliary GAS)
Die board Acrylic Stanless steel Carbon steel
D1310-150 ≤150 Glass CO2 Laser tube 12/700 20/120 N 1/600(O2)
D1310-180 ≤180 Glass CO2 Laser tube 15/800 30/100 N 1/800(O2)
D1310-220 ≤220 Glass CO2 Laser tube 18/700 30/120 1/1000(O2) 2/1000(O2)
D1310-260 ≤260 Glass CO2 Laser tube 18/800 40/120 2/1200(O2) 3/1300(O2)
D1310I-180 ≤180 Rofin RF CO2 laser generator 18/700 30/120 1/1000(O2) 2/1000(O2)
D1310I-320 ≤320 Rofn RF CO2 laser generator 18/1200 40/150 2/1800(O2) 3/1900(O2)

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