Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP is a new age material that’s used for building exteriors, interior applications and signage. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes like wood, stone, dual-tone etc. And it can be bent, folded and turned into shapes that can’t be achieved by any other material. Hence, ACP allows more design liberty, and is thus a designer’s delight.

Why ACP?

No material is as flexible as Aluminium Composite Panel, and it can give birth to designs that is either too difficult or impossible with other materials. This modern material comes with a host of practical and technical advantages over traditional and other materials. It’s lightweight. It’s delightfully flexible and easy to work with. It’s easy to install, and can be installed real fast. It’s durable, easy to maintain and cost-effective. And it offers a wider variety of colours and textures.


Use of Aludecor ACP

  • Exterior – façade, canopy, overhang, soffit and more
  • Interior – wall covering, false ceiling, cupboards, wardrobes, modular kitchens, table tops, column covers and more
  • Corporate Identity Design – Signage, kiosks, totems, POPs, fascia etc.

Besides regular series that comprises solid and metallic colours, Aludecor has an ever growing palette of special series comprising Sand, Rustic, Cortina, Timber et al.

ACP Grades

Aludecor ACPs come in 4mm and 3mm with the aluminium coil thicknesses varying from 0.12mm to 0.5mm. Based on this, they are divided into different grades:

  • AL45 – 4mm panel with 0.5mm aluminium coil thickness, meant for exterior applications
  • AL43 – 4mm panel with 0.25mm aluminium coil thickness, meant for exterior applications
  • AL33 – 3mm panel with 0.25mm aluminum coil thickness, meant for both exterior and interior applications
  • AL33D – 3mm panel with 0.3mm aluminium coil thickness, the aluminium alloy being AA3105, is meant for exterior applications, especially fascia and signage
  • AL32 – 3mm panel with 0.20mm aluminium coil thickness, meant for interior applications
  • AL312 – 3mm panel with 0.12mm alumunium coil thickness, meant for interior applications
All types of Aludecor ACP series, be it regular or special, are available within these grades.


The inside story

The top and the bottom layers of ACP are of coated aluminium sheets and the core sandwiched between them is polyethylene.

  • Protection Film
  • PVDF/Polyester Resin Based Coating
  • Primer Coating (used in case of PVDF only)
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Adhesive Film (Polyolefin)
  • Polyethylene Core (LDPE)
  • Adhesive Film (Polyolefin)
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Service Coating (Anti-corrosive)



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